Welcome to the Official BLKADR-L Sounds-A-Bit-Rude Black Adder Site FAQ

These pages are dedicated to the BLKADR-L favourite pastime, Black Adder, a British comedy series starring Rowan Atkinson as Edmund Blackadder. The sounds have been collected and compiled by various members of the Blackadder mailing list. You may return to the home page to learn how to join the BLKADR-L list, and view the home pages of other list members.

Because of circumstances out of my control, I have provided this FAQ to answer your common questions.

1. Oh, great Wise Woman! I love your site! Could you send me a clip from XXX episode? Do you have XXX clip from XXX episode?
Answer: Unfortunately, all the clips I have are somewhere in storage, and due to the legal trouble I may cause, I must refrain from becoming a Black Adder repository. I do not make my own clips; they are usually donated by list members or other generous friends in order to make the site as complete as possible.  My best advice, which would make the BBC incredibly happy, would be to purchase the video collection yourself, either through the amazon.com link for Americans and through the BBC directly, if you so desire.
2. What is "Black Adder: The Cavalier Years"? Where can I get a copy?
Answer: The Cavalier Years is a special episode that was aired only once for a charity event (the particulars escape me). As far as I know, that episode is only available in the U.S. as part of the boxset edition. I believe it is also available in Commonwealth Nations, but I don't have any definite information.  Try the links above to see if it is still available.
3. Oh, Great Wise Woman! XXX link is broken! Whatever shall I do?
Answer: I cannot tend to any broken links to any sound or video clips, due to legal issues from the BBC. If this sort of thing has you cheesed off, and you wish to complain about it, I will make a form which we can send to the BBC legal department, pleading our case for the return of this site. I wish it did not have to come to this, but I'm afraid that too many BBC lawyers scared me enough to dismantle the site.  If you want to read the email, they send me, I have a copy for your perusal.
4. Oh, Great Wise Woman! Where can I voice my dismay and sorrow over this injustice?
Answer: Please send any email to wisewoman@valentina.com. I shall keep a tally, and should we muster up the courage, take it the the BBC. Otherwise, it will be a place to vent your anger and it will end up filed away in an email box somewhere in cyberspace.

Please feel free to e-mail me about this page with any suggestions or comments.--Deborah Hon

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Last updated Friday, April 14, 2000