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This page is dedicated to the BLKADR-L favourite pastime, Black Adder, a British comedy series starring Rowan Atkinson as Edmund Blackadder. The sounds have been collected and compiled by various members of the Blackadder mailing list.
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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Monday, March 16, 1998 7:25:18 PM The BBC has requested I remove all links to the Blackadder material until further notice. Please accept my apologees for this inconwience.(Just a little Prince Ludwig reference)

1/12/98 7:32:56 PM I am going to give the site a much-needed facelift, and files that haven't been working should work hopefully this week. Let me know if there are broken links via email, and I'll do the best I can to remedy it. Thanks for bearing with me!

Thursday, August 07, 1997 11:20:52 AM I am leaving for an extended vacation, and cannot actively edit the site until I return. Please read the FAQ before sending me an email regarding this site. Thanks!

4/9/97 3:21:56 PM I am in the process of adding more clips, but as some have pointed out to me, not all the files are working. Before sending me an email, be sure to note the file name, or at least the quote itself so I can track it down. My collection is getting so huge that I have a hard time reading some of your messages asking for this or that file, and then trying to find it for you. Also, you might notice that I am updating the organisation of the clips into chronological order withing the episodes themselves, for easier viewing. Let me know if you like this layout better. Thanks!"

2/18/97 8:39:46 PM The sound files have been moved to another server. Please be patient as some of the links might not work temporarily. If they continue to be a problem, please send me an email with the file in question and I will look into the matter. Thanks!

One of our list members has a mirror site in the Netherlands! If your are living in Europe, you might have a better connection there. Much thanks to Remco Brandl!

Once again, I have needed the assistance of my dear friend, Javier Henderson to make my pages possible. I want to thank Javier for being kind enough to yet again let me use his server for more of my zany files. Thanks, muchas gracias, and merci, Javier!

Nik Bencsik is responsible for about 50% of the series clips, the BA Theme songs, and the additional goodies from the RA Live and the "Not Just A Pretty Face" CD. Without Nik, this page wouldn't be as awesome as it is, and he is constantly giving me more to make it even better. If you enjoy these and want more, please give him an email and tell him what a good job he did and tell him to keep up the good work, OK?

Our new contributor to the Sacred Sound Page is Alex Toledano. With 35 new clips for an opening start, this page is bound to be the largest BA collection on the Net! Thanks Alex, for your hard work!

Due to the overwhelming size of the page, I've broken it up to make things easier to find. I've also added some nice little goodies, so take a look around and enjoy!

And now, on to the Sound Clips........NOT!

Please choose a series....
Black Adder I Black Adder II
Blackadder III Blackadder Goes Forth
A Blackadder Christmas Carol Blackadder--The Cavalier Years
Not Just A Pretty Face CD Rowan Atkinson Live

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